Sports Conditioning

Strength and conditioning is an integral part of the development of sports person. It provides services in the areas of speed, endurance, agility, flexibility, strength, stability, injury prevention, management and rehabilitation for the purposes of enhanced performance during competition. Our goal is to make you functionally fit for your sport or everyday life. Running, biking, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, whatever your favourite sport activity is, we will improve your fitness level and performance with a goal oriented exercise.
The training program starts with a fitness assessment and is followed by weekly sessions. The focus of the conditioning program is to enhance sports performance through the development of physical abilities to achieve their goals.
The aim of Strength and Conditioning program:

  • To develop correct exercise skill
  • Improve the strength base of athletes
  • Individualise program to address athletes specific strength and weaknesses
  • Improve sports specific movements and techniques
  • Improve athletes physical conditioning through sports specific conditioning session