Special Packages for Physiotherapy Treatment

This package provides Advanced Physiotherapy Treatment (includes Manual Therapy, Evidenced Based Exercise & Electro-Therapy, Taping, Dry Needling etc) to manage and relieve pain, improve your functional activity and make you independent.

Package Features:

A) For Pain Relief

  • Consultation
  • 15 Treatment Sessions
  • Advanced Physiotherapy Treatment
  • Home Program Recommendations
  • Progress Report
  • Treatment would cost Rs. 8,999/- (Rupees eight thousand nine hundred ninety-nine only).

B) For Rehabilitation

This package provides advanced physiotherapy rehab treatment to people suffering from post fracture stiffness and pain, stroke, paralysis or other neurological problems.

  • Consultation
  • 30 Treatment Sessions
  • Advanced Ortho-Neuro Physiotherapy Treatment
  • Home Program recommendations
  • Progress Report
  • Treatment would cost Rs. 14,999/- (Rupees fourteen thousand nine hundred ninety-nine only)

C) For Fitness Training

Individualized weight loss and strength training to improve your body’s strength, making you muscular and healthy.

Personalized advanced cardio workout to manage and improve your heart's health and also improving your functional activity.

Individualized to your needs, great for improving your general wellness, stress management and everyday performance. Provides advanced strength and cardio training.

  • Health Risk Assessment & Correction
  • Strength and Cardio Workout
  • Diet & Weight loss Program
  • Three session per Week
  • Progress Report
  • It would cost Rs. 4,999/- for a month or Rs. 1499/- for a week.